Friday, July 4, 2008


Going the Extra Mile for our Guests - Not your usual hiking trip

Dinah Kerzner and her husband Merv booked one of Chilcotin Holidays 4 day hiking trips to Brett Creek. Having hurt her knee several days before arriving, Dinah was certain she wouldn’t be up to hiking, and thus might not get to explore the alpine meadows she dreamed of. Some quick thinking on the part of Kevan and his crew, Dinah rode one of the ranch’s Cayuse horses – a pinto gelding with one blue eye – up to camp as the rest of the group had fun hiking on foot.

Dinah was grateful for gentle Montana walking the steep trails to Brett Creek Camp so she could do the gentler hiking in the carpeted alpine meadows near camp that were filled with newly blooming wildflowers.

As Dinah writes, “The setting is magnificent; the ambience warm and inviting. Because of our wonderful guide, Birgit, and your willingness to make things work, I was hiking the flatter the trails and rode your gentle horse Montana to Brett Camp. My husband, Merv, took delight in photographing everything from bighorn sheep to the tiny flowers that carpeted the terrain. Being a vegetarian, I was impressed with the wide variety of dishes that were prepared with me in mind. Thank you for making our hiking holiday such a memorable one.”


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