Thursday, August 14, 2008


Family Reunion - Mountain Goat Style, come see them for yourself with your own wildlife viewing guide

As the grass peaks out from the last remnants of snow to meet the sun in early July, you’ll see the mountain goats gathering. The kids were born three weeks ago and are now ready to move. In small groups of 6 to 10, they start to move to the newly green slopes of Reunion Ridge where they’ll gather in large groups and celebrate the survival of the harsh winter that lasted seven months.

The wildlife viewing guide gets their attention, and, as he calmly brings up his binoculars to look, he finds that the keen-sighted goats already have a bead on him. They go back to eating, knowing that he’s not a danger. The people next to him are from the city, with their new jackets and gloves, just starting to collect the scratches and dirt that comes from long days in the saddle. They whisper to each other, excited about the display of nature, but nervous that they’ll scare off the beautiful white animals they see 300 yards away in the meadows above their camp. The wildlife viewing guide has brought them here, his playground, to share with them the wonders of the Chilcotin Mountains.

The people watch for an hour, counting a reunion this year of 85 with 23 kids including three sets of twins. The six junior billies are easy to spot because they start to molt in June. This is only one of the healthy herds of mountain goat in the area. Soon they will again break up into their family units and head out to their favorite summer habitats throughout the peaks of Eldorado.

Join us on a Wildlife Safari through the Eldorado Mountains, over the snow-covered passes and the early season meadows. Watch the plants come out of their slumber and the animals celebrate the arrival of spring. Spring comes late to the high reaches, making early July one of the best times to catch a glimpse of the true nature of these mountains. Stay at Spruce Lake, teeming with rainbow trout, and let your guide take you to the secret places of the hills where you too can encounter mountain goats as well as grizzly and black bear, wolf, mule deer and the rare sighting of a California bighorn sheep. We schedule these trips throughout the spring, your wildlife viewing guide taking you farther up the mountains as the valleys green up. It means long days in the saddle, but the reward is spectacular.


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