Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Grizzly Viewing Adventures – Wildlife vacations of a lifetime

Seeing some of the most breathtaking spectacles nature has to offer is just one of the opportunities available on Chilcotin Holidays wilderness wildlife viewing trips and wildlife vacations. Some of our guests on a grizzly viewing trip last week got a real life encounter to the laws of nature in the Canadian wilderness.
With winter drawing closer, the bears are preparing for hibernation. Survival of the fittest is the top priority as our guests witnessed when a mother grizzly was prowling around trying to find something to help fatten up her baby cubs before the winter.

Cameras rolling, our guests watched in amazement as this mother bear burrowed out a marmot hole.
She was so intent of finding her prey that she barely noticed the curious humans on horseback watching her every move. She was keen and diligent and finally reached the marmot. Hurrying to the safety of the brush, she then proceeded to teach her eager cubs how to kill their prey.The bears are slowly beginning to make their way back down the mountain following sources of food to the lower regions of the valley where they’ll spend the winter. There are just 6-7 weeks left to see these bears in their natural habitat before they hibernate. Contact us for more information on a grizzly viewing trips and wildlife vacations!


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