Sunday, December 7, 2008


Megumi’s Story – building self esteem at Chilcotin Holidays

I came from Japan on a working holiday visa – I wanted to experience nature and the wilderness so I called Chilcotin Holidays. I had lots of fantastic experiences during my one-month stay and lots of chances for building self esteem. I could not have experienced so many wonderful adventures, if I had lived in my own country my whole life. I did a lot of great things, like: western riding, bareback riding, archery, and shooting a biathlon rifle and a shotgun. I even had to chance to drive a big truck pulling a trailer, float a horse’s teeth, worm a horse, cook western meals for large groups, and see Canadian wildlife.

In one month’s time, I experienced growth in my thinking, my knowledge, and my imagination. The reason for such change is because at Chilcotin Holidays they asked me what my interests were and provided me with a list of opportunities the ranch had to offer, so that I could work on building self esteem in these areas. They also made my jobs match my interests and I found my list of interests getting longer and longer the more time I spent at the ranch.

The staff were all wonderful and helpful. However, they got me up to work on my own – on jobs I had never done before, forcing me to grow and from this I had great accomplishments. I learned a lot about myself. I now know that I like working outside, working with horses, and I love the Canadian wilderness and nature, which I had never known before since I had always lived in a big city.

Because of my stay at Chilcotin Holidays, I have more appreciation for nature now; the bright stars and the smell of the forest, and I am a hundred percent sure I want to experience more of it. While at the ranch, I have become stronger and tougher, and I now understand better what is important to a human being.


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