Thursday, February 26, 2009


Finishing horseback guiding school, well done Magnum!

With a personal trainer and maid service, daily grooming, massage, and work out, along with free cleaning service, unlimited supply of food at necks reach, oh and don’t forget the carrot on the pillow - Magnum is eating up all the attention. Finishing horseback riding school is not so bad and life in the city could not be better!

Magnum’s daily training schedule keeps getting better. Cantering circles was a whole new concept to Magnum when he first arrived but he is now able to canter them with ease and has mastered the art of simple changes. As we ride down the long sides of the ring he learns the shoulder in and haunches in. Magnum moves with easy and comfort. He is lovely to ride.

While we know Magnum can jump those fences at the ranch, jumping in the ring is a little different. Style and ease is what we are looking for. Each week he seems to improve over the jumps, coming in easy, and jumping up and over with good form. We started off small but as he is getting better the jumps are going higher. He is a powerful jumper.

As Magnum’s training continues he is willing to learn and improve. He may have his own thoughts on certain matters, as he is very smart, but convincing him is not too hard especially since he knows he gets his warm bowl of oats after a good work out! I have been really happy with his progress and he seems to love the routine of work and pamper. Magnum and I look forward to updating you again soon!


Magnum's Personal horseback riding school Trainer and Maid,



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