Thursday, February 26, 2009


My first Bear Viewing Experience, the wildlife you can see at Chilcotin Holidays

“SSSsssshhhhh – quiet! There he is!” Said my guide in a whisper. As we approached the bear on horseback he was so busy eating that it appeared he hadn’t noticed us. We rode up over the ridge and could see the bear in a clearing just ahead of us. Our horses remained calm and unalarmed at the sight of this majestic bear, but I was secretly scared out of my wits on the inside. I was actually pretty close to a real bear, a wild, untamed bear in his own territory. We weren’t in a zoo anymore – this was the real thing! And how amazing the feeling was. I knew my guide was trained and had a rifle with him, just in case.

My heart was racing, I could feel my pulse and in the midst of all the excitement I almost forgot to get my camera out! With an empty 2-GB chip in my camera I was ready to take the pictures I had been waiting to be able to take since childhood. Now that the big moment had finally arrived, I was ready to catch the wildlife “on film”, so to speak. We spent over an hour watching the bear eat, relax, and sun himself, before we had to head back to camp for dinner, but it went by in a flash! I couldn’t wait until the next morning to head out again! I think I might have become a wildlife-viewing addict during this trip! I’ll be back again next year to see more of the wildlife for sure!”

Alison, ON, Canada


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