Thursday, February 26, 2009


Snowmobile tour through the Chilcotin Mountains..

We came to Chilcotin to have a wilderness experience at the end of our holiday in Canada. As well as horseback riding we wanted to do some a snowmobile tour – having had a taste of it four years previously in New Hampshire.
“You are going to get an experience like no other – and there aren’t many people who have done what you’re going to do tomorrow” said Kevan at dinner, the night before the trip.
Looking out over the snow covered alpine meadow at 6500 feet altitude after an exciting, if challenging trip up the Chilcotin Mountains on skidoos, we realized just what he meant. The scenery was… I can’t find the superlative that does justice to what it was like up there. Snow, fine and powdery, completely untouched since it fell, a clear, bright blue sky, the sun beating down and the vista of the Coastal Range Mountains in front of us– Kevan was right.
Albeit a challenging (well, for me anyway) the trip up, the privilege of being in such a beautiful place was worth it. Thanks to the patience and skill of our guides, Kevan and Guido, we had the snowmobile tour experience of a lifetime. Would we do it again? You bet!
Jane and John, England


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