Monday, March 2, 2009


Guide Horses Dentistry

Well guide horses dentistry is not what I had expected when I arose on Saturday morning. However each day at Chilcotin Ranch is not like the last, there is always something new to throw yourself at, quite literally in this case. After we had finished the exhilarating task of chasing, lassoing, and holding the stomping, kicking guide horses while they were given the wormer. Kevan decided to let us help him file some of the horse’s teeth. So it was Damian’s and my job to hold the guide horses while Kevan did the filing. The first two horses, Tom and Yalokom went pretty smooth with Damien and myself taking turns at filing the guide horse’s teeth.

Then came the last guide horse, which was the smallest of the whole herd, JP and he decided he certainly did not want to participate in "seeing the dentist" (neither would I to be honest). So as Kevan showed us how to file down their teeth. But at the moment we thought things were going to go smoothly, he went up with legs with us holding on for dear life and trying to control him. After some time off this he decided that we had it over him and he reluctantly let us finish. Once we were finished he was more than happy to snack on some rolled barley. Then we retired to lunch a little bit wiser and quite a bit sorer but happy none of the less.

Brooke and Karl, Australia – 2009


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