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Esl listening skills - two esl students discuss..

Simon Zemp – 15 May 1989

My name is Simon, and I am from Switzerland. I finished school last summer. Afterwards I did my military service, which I finished in November. I’ve worked for different companies as a cleaner and as a data collector to save money for my Canada trip.
On January 10th I few to Vancouver where I was studying at an English School during the following nine weeks. I had several reasons to come to Chilcotin Holidays. Firstly I wanted to see an other side of Canada (wilderness after bustling city life), secondly I wanted to become a more well rounded person in life! And finally it is also a good opportunity to have a good an exciting time without spending a lot of money. In my spare time I had quite a lot of interesting things to do. First of all I learned to ride. I was a greenhorn at the beginning, now almost a cowboy! Furthermore I learned to drive a skidder, snow mobile and I improved my modest cooking skills. And the whole time my English was getting better and better.
The relationship with the other staff was always good. I was helped when I needed something. The talks were always fun at the ranch and great for esl listening skills!

Raffael Schwarz

My name is Raffael. I’m 19 years old and I am from Switzerland. I finished my apprenticeship this summer in an office.
I came to Canada to improve my English and esl listening abilities. First I went to an English School in Vancouver and after that I came to Chilcotin Holidays. I chose Chilcotin Holidays because my travel partner wanted to go there and also to see another part of Canada and to get some experience with horses.
In my three weeks at the farm I did a lot of interesting things. For example: horse riding, driving snowmobile, skidder driving and cooking. In the evening we had a good and funny time with the other guys.
The relationship with the other staff was always good. I had a fun time. I will stay in Canada for another 6 weeks, then I will go back to Switzerland and search for a job.


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