Sunday, May 10, 2009


Gone Fishing

One of our guides, Guido, went down to test the waters for fishing last week. This is what he had to say about his fishing experience: “We caught the first brook trout of the season down at Pearson Pond last week. The ice on the lake has melted and you could tell the fish were hungry after the long winter. In less than 15 minutes we caught our first big brook trout! As we checked it’s stomach, it was packed full with flies. Later on we saw trout rising to the surface all across the lake. They almost jumped into our boat! It’s too bad we didn’t take any fly fishing gear with us. I’m sure we would have caught a few more “Brookies”! After the ice melts in spring you really get to do some “big time fishing”! They’re hungry and they’ll almost take everything they can get. So it’s a good time to go fishing, as even beginners are guaranteed to be successful. After May we fish the lakes in higher elevations, like Spruce Lake. The ice melts later there, so we will have the same great fishing up there well into summer. At Spruce Lake you can catch huge wild rainbows and bull trout!”. Fishing enthusiasts will be eager to check out Spruce Lake Park Backpackers Lodge! Keep an eye out for the website next month for more details.


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