Friday, August 21, 2009


English second language students testimonial!

Just like every year, we have amazing staff from around the world working an enjoying the outdoor lifestyle here at Chilcotin Holidays. This year, two of our staff came from Germany. Isabella and Isabel were in Canada practicing their English second language skills and we think they’ve done an excellent job. Here is what they wrote about their experiences at the ranch:

Our names are Isabella Pucyk and Isabel Semp, and we are from Germany. We are both 24 years old and we study at a German University. The reason why we came here was to improve our English skills and try something totally different. We always wanted to come to Canada, it is one of our favourite countries, and we did not want to see all the usual tourist stuff. Above that, we thought, that on ranch like this you have a better opportunity to practice your English as second language, because you are forced to speak English.

Our most favourite activities at the ranch have been to dig a hole with an excavator, to ride a lot, and to take part in a horse pack trip to two different camps. There we saw a female grizzly bear with 2 cubs, and many chipmunks! It was a real great experience. Besides this we saw a couple of hummingbirds. Another interesting thing was to see how to pack the horses for a pack trip and how the horses dealt with the very narrow trails in the mountains. The first shower after the trip was the best shower ever!

After our first week we knew all the staff members and everyone was really nice and caring. We had a lot of fun in the ranch kitchen and during our pack trip and learning even more English second language.

In the evenings we watched movies or did some other activities, like log climbing, taking the dogs for a walk or having a camp fire. Even looking at the stars was pretty exciting, because you can see a couple of falling stars.

To sleep in the tents was also very adventurous, but funny at the same time, because of all the nice neighbours in this nice little village. During our six weeks here at the ranch we learned a lot about ourselves, and where our real borders are. We found a lot of new good friends from all over the world. This stay at the ranch is one of the best experiences we’ve had in our life so far.


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