Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Are you Spontaneous? Adventures with our horseback guide

This is a question not to be taken lightly here at Chilcotin Holidays. Although we do allow for relaxing "Holidays", some guests are actually seeking a vacation at a ranch who's name should sound something more like "Chilcotin Adventures". Usually we can spot these individuals from a mile away, and like to surprise them with opportunities they will never forget.

This summer we welcomed Nicole to the ranch. Travelling from Germany to learn a bit about the tourism industry and to relax for a few days at the ranch, this lady got more than she bargained for! Here is what she wrote:
" Kevan asked me: “Are you spontaneous?” This was the question initiating my incomparable journey through the Chilcotin Mountains. Originally I intended to stay in the Honeymoon Cabin to find some quiet and rest, while possibly adding a day of riding or hiking to spice up the vacation a little. I didn’t expect it to get that spicy at all!
"Just shortly after arriving at the ranch I accidentally stumbled into the horse education and joined it just for fun. At that time I didn’t have a clue how essential those instructions would become for me. The next morning before breakfast Kevan, the owner, visited me at the cabin and asked with an indefinable smile: “Nicole, are you spontaneous?” And spontaneously I answered: “Yes, I am!”
"From this moment on the events came thick and fast - within 30 minutes my horse was saddled, my duffle packed and my supplies tucked to the saddle backs. I was going on a 7 days back pack trip into the Chilcotin Mountains.
"I joined a lovely group consisting of two Canadian women, an English couple and our horseback guide Joel. From the first moment on the chemistry between us was excellent. All of us appreciated the peace and quiet of the mountains, cherished the wonderful nature and we loved horses!
"Furthermore we were very lucky having a fantastic horseback guide like Joel ‘shooing’ us up steep hills, scree slopes and along Mountain crests. We rode to places nobody ever thought a horse would go – neither would a sane human being. We did. And it brought all of us to our limits. The horses were just incredible climbing up the hills like Mountain goats giving us at any time the secure feeling that they knew exactly what they were doing. We agreed that we will always be grateful for those incredible experiences and views.
"We saw a herd of 40 Mountain goats sun bathing at 2700 m, we swam in crystal clear mountain lakes and were spoiled with delicious dinners after 10 to 12 hours of riding. Nature presented us awesome glacier views, blue skies and blooming meadows.

This enriching once of a lifetime experience filled up my sole with joy and energy. So, it definitely pays off being spontaneous! Thank you Chilcotin Holidays for providing me an adventure like this, and thank you to my horseback guide for keeping me safe!!"

Nicole H.


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