Monday, February 8, 2010


My first Cougar, one of the best examples of wildlife in Canada

One of our staff members accompanied one of our cougar viewing excursions this winter and wrote a short story about his experience. Read on to hear what Bernhard wrote:

“This was my first time seeing a mountain lion. The guide said that they are all over BC but you rarely see them because they are usually only active at night time. This one I was watching we had just tracked on the freshly fallen snow from the night before. It was sitting on a leaning tree about 15 feet off the ground where it felt safe and let us get close enough for pictures. It was a young one maybe 30 pounds and it was a male, the guide told us. It was fluffy, a tan colour with black spots and looked cuddly.

The guide told us it will change colour after it turns about a year old. The second mountain lion tracks were from a big old tom and when we were finally able to track it down. In Germany, we don't have anything like the wildlife in Canada. It took refuge in a big old Douglas fir tree in some rock bluffs. But it was only about 15 feet above the ground and we had lots of opportunities to take pictures of it as it leaned across the big branches in a relaxed pose.

This big mountain lion didn't look threatening at all, at first.. Then it opened it’s mouth and showed that it’s wide enough to fit your head! It’s two inch fangs sparkled in the light and the meat slicing molars all the way to the back of its mouth looked like a meat grinder and the weird thing is when it snarled no noise come out. The guide said this big tom weights about 160 pounds and they get up to about 200 pounds. A female will weight around 110 pounds. We were told that this lion could eat a mule deer, mountain sheep or mountain goat once a week. That’s a big appetite! I was just happy that I had my guide with me so that I wouldn’t become the cougar’s next meal!!!” Wildlife is Canada is a little deceiving!

Bernhard, Germany, 2010


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