Sunday, April 24, 2011


Alpine flowers on display - view for mountain guides

From May to September the South Chilcotin Mountains are alive with flora and fauna. Horse riding, wildlife viewing and flowering alpine meadows is the best all-round combination for a wilderness vacation. Learn whilst on holiday by taking our mountain guides training program.

Do you want to see a Grizzly Bear lying on his stomach pulling himself through a field of wild flowers with bouquets of flowers sticking out the side of his mouth?

The yellow flowers of the Spruce Lake side hills will be a bumper crop in May and June 2011. Balsa Root is what these colourful flowers are called. The name does not match their grandeur. Because of the good snow pack this Winter, the mountains side will be painted yellow for 6-8km in length and 1 km deep. the flower heads are over 4 inches in diameter. There will be clusters of 10 to 20 flower heads in each plant and they will stand over 24 inches tall, belly deep to the horses. To witness this display of nature at it's peak is a rare experience of the Chilcotin Mountains not had by many. Ride into nature with your mountain guides and enjoy this incredible phenomenon.


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