Monday, April 4, 2011


I heard about this place in the Mountains.. - work in British Columbia!

I heard about this place in the Mountains

My name is Kayla, I'm 12 and I live in a big city called Vancouver B.C. but I've heard about another place to work in British Columbia. One of my friends had mentioned to me several years ago about a place in Gold Bridge B.C. Up there is a Ranch, a place where there are many different things to discover. It's a quiet place, that has animals such as horses, cougars, rabbits, squirrels, mice and more. I actually recently went to the ranch in late January, with my friend Hilary and it was an adventure of a lifetime!

The first day I was up and ready to see the horses. I was excited for the horseback ride and as I would be learning, it would be a time to also conquer one of my biggest fears: Heights. When we got to the top of the mountain,we also had to go back down, on a horse! I was terrified. Sometimes you just have to put your faith in your horse and the person who is leading the way. It was definitely a moment to remember.

We decided to also go on the snow mobiles which was actually a really fun experience! Hilary and I fell off almost 5 times! Because the snow was so deep, when you would get off the snow mobile, you would absolutely sink! We both had a lot of good laughs about it. I am so blessed that I got this experience and I just can't wait until the next time! It was such a good place to work in British Columbia.


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