Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Carpenter Lake is drying up - Guideschool graduates go and check it out

Carpenter Lake is located 10 min drive down the road from the ranch (about 1h30 on horseback). This artificial lake is one of the three reservoirs that was built as part of the Bridge River Power Project, a pre-World War II project completed in the late 50's. The two other reservoirs of the hydro-electric system are Downton Lake and Seton Lake.

Carpenter Lake is the biggest of the three as it lies in a valley about 50 km long by 1 km wide.

The Terzaghi Dam diverts the water from Carpenter Lake into two powerhouses located on Seton Lake. Several creeks run into Carpenter Lake year round, including Gun Creek.

As glaciers melt in the Spring and throughout the Summer, the valley fills up. In the fall and the winter, the lake slowly dries up as the water is being used to provide electricity to the surrounding area, and the underlying valley becomes accessible to hikers and riders.

A few of us guideschool graduates went down on horseback to check it out this morning, it's quite dry now and it makes a very nice ride on the windy and wide open valley... After t


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