Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Canadian Lynx - ranch wild life

We have an important population of Canadian Lynx living on our 5000 sq km operating territory. Our wild life Lynx are smaller than the Eurasian Lynx that lives in some parts of eastern Europe. On our territory, Lynx share their habitat with Cougars and Bobcats, Wolf and Coyote. Their average weight is 8 to 11 kg which makes them normally bigger in size than Bobcats, although the biggest Bobcats can easily outsize a Lynx.

A Canadian Lynx see on just a few minutes from the ranch a few days ago

Their home territory usually ranges from 15 to 50 km2 and walk about 1,5 to 3 miles a day.

The Canada Lynx's diet is almost exclusive to and dependent on snowshoe hares. They will also hunt other wild life, such as medium-sized mammals (rodents) and birds if hare numbers fall. They rarely hunt bigger wild life but they have been seen hunting Deer when needed.

These elusive creatures are quite hard to see and we got lucky to spot one on the down side of the road just a few days ago.


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