Thursday, May 24, 2012


Living and Working at Chilcotin Holidays - Michel's intership

“My name is Michel, I am 22 years old, from the Netherlands. In Holland I just graduated for my Bachelor of Economics. Before I came to Canada, I did several interships and worked in a supermarket for a year. I left home to see something of the world and because I have some family in Toronto. First, I wanted to see something of the beautiful BC area and that’s why I came to Vancouver because the environment is amazing over here. By chance, I came to Chilcotin Holidays. I found an advertisement in the hostel I was staying and applied.

After a six hour ride (that’s crossing Holland twice!) I ended up here: an amazing ranch in an amazing place. Since the moment I arrived here I love the view from the living room on the mountains. From the first moment I felt at home with the friendly people on the ranch.

Maja, Michel, Katrin, James

Of course there was work to do. I arrived here when they started the spring cleaning. I started cleaning the ranch house. After that, I worked as a ranch hand and enjoyed my outdoor work. When the first guests arrived they put me in the kitchen. After a few days of cooking I found the joy in it. I liked cooking and it was a challenge every day to get the food properly done in time. It forced me to make a good time schedule and to manage the other persons in the kitchen to give them work to get the food done in time. A challenging job.

The appreciation after cooking a good meal, the thank you of the staff or guests makes it all worth the effort. I learned that I am a better manager than I thought. My standards are high and I think I can get the best out of myself when I have to give people directions. I had to step up the plate to teach other people about working in the kitchen.

Now I am leaving after seven weeks at the ranch and I will miss it. I learned everything about the kitchen so that book is closed for me now. This intership taught me so much. I'm gonna pick my friends up at the airport and travel around for a month with them. After that I want to visit my family in Toronto. If I can only go there for a short time I will definitely come back to this amazing place, if the opportunity is there.“


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