Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hike School has returned from an amazing camping trip- mountain guides, international group.

The 1 Week Hike School is over and the students came back to the ranch from a challenging trip through the Chilcotin Mountains. They were walking 20-30 km a Day for 4 Days, leading Pack Horses and passing through bright yellow meadows, over steep Hills and rocky shale while experiencing weather from hot and sunny to wind and hail. One of the best things about Chilcotin Holidays is the people. This year, our mountain guides international diversity made their trip much better. They traded stories and cultural events, an interesting and informative discussion. Despite their cultural differences, they all have one thing in common: their desire to be mountain guides. International environments offer more perspectives, and are educational too.

They had a fantastic time out in the Wilderness, going on amazing hikes, improving their leadership skills and their knowledge about camping out.

Are you interested in guiding in the Canadian Wilderness, learning new skills and challenging yourself with like-minded people? Kevan Bracewell and his team are waiting for you. For more information visit our websiteor write an email to us at


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