Monday, July 2, 2012


Extreme moments on the Advanced Guide School - training guides

The guide students from our 1 Week Advanced Guide School came back from camp on Saturday. We've been training guides for over 25 years, and are looking forward to many more.

The students had a great time at camp where they did some pretty serious exploration in the Spruce Lake area and some extreme mountain riding. They were amazed at what our Mountain Cayuse Ponies can handle and do and how sure footed they were, sliding down shale just like a human would. Training guides to become wilderness explorers is an awesome experience.

Among other things, the students got to sleep one night in a wilderness shelter built of their own hands with anything found in the bush. They learned how to take care of the horses on a spike camp and how to keep safe in bear country.

They could observe a wide diversity of wildlife including mountain goats with their kids, a black bear, a grizzly bear, a bold eagle, a grouse with her babies, a ptarmigan protecting her nest and eggs, young mule deer bucks, and a hundred marmots on the way to our Eldorado camp!


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We are a licensed guide outfitter and we conduct guided wilderness adventures throughout our 5,000 square km operating area. This guide area has been operational since 1880, making it the oldest in British Columbia. More about us HERE.

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