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Half a year at Chilcotin Holidays - growth and personal development

My name is Matti, 19, from Germany. I came this winter to Chilcotin Holidays as a Volunteer, after I graduated from High School the year before. After I arrived in Vancouver, I figured pretty quickly that I didn't want to stay in a big city but somewhere in the wilderness. I wanted to get a taste of the unique north American nature, as you know it from all the nice postcards, where everybody knows that you've never been anyway... However, I never imagined to actually be in such an impressive environment, surrounded by gigantic mountains, authentic wilderness and – that was the part I expected the least – amazing people. I arrived the ranch without really knowing what to expect since I had never been before in such a place. My initial plan was to stay there for maybe four to eight weeks, depending on how much I would like it – considering that I stayed in the end almost half a year gives you a slight impression of how much I actually liked it. I really grew mentally too, and achieved many personal development goals. In a way, living in a remote area really allows you to focus on your goals, and achieve whatever it is, be it personal development or how to target shoot.

The first days on the ranch I met the staff, which came from all over the world, and got introduced to the work of a ranch hand. Beside driving the quite impressive Skidder, get a introduction in horseback riding, chopping wood, repairing and maintain fences and other outside constructions, using the chainsaw and do plenty of other things which I had never done before. After a few weeks at the ranch and without feeling any desire to go somewhere else, I decided to stay longer, and try and improve my personal development.

Matti riding Jim up to Windy Pass

I got the chance to work also in the office, which mainly covered marketing and accounting, and participate in several staff activities such as ice fishing, trail riding, hiking and target shooting. In addition to my office work, which was very helpful since I want to study economics, I also worked in the kitchen. As I had never seen the inside of an oven, it was quite a challenge to get used to this kind of work... but with four tough guys in the kitchen (while the girls were outside using the chainsaw) no problem at all though!

The highlight of my stay was, without any doubt, to participate in a horse pacFk-trip to Spruce Lake in the summer season. Our horses took us to amazing places, over high mountain ridges, through alpine meadows which were covered with wildflowers and to ice cold lakes – After that, I had enough fantastic pictures to make thousands of postcards. Definitely a unique experience I will never forget!

After all, I can say that I more than just enjoyed the stay at this ranch. Experiences of a lifetime, personal development, a lot of new friends and enough good stories to make my friends at home regret they didn't come with me. I am heading back home, up for the next adventure, hopefully this time not that wild though, I want to focus on my studies!


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