Monday, January 14, 2013


Gregor's Story - improving my esl conversation

I arrived at the Ranch at the beginning of September.

The English classes was really good, I was lucky to be the one and only student, so there was always enough time for my questions and everything we were talking about was something I was interested in. Plenty of time for esl conversation.
So, the important thing for myself was probably the possibility to talk, to read, to have a fellow or teacher who is correcting me and developing my esl conversation skills.

An exciting thing was my riding experience. The riding orientation and the first ride in my life were easy and I could relax. These horses are really calm and patient. They were good to ride, especially for a guy who was never on a horse before,. It was just amazing how they walk thru the bush, over logs, across stones, water, everything. I was invited to see how to pack and shoe a horse, de-worming, rolling the hay, stake horses, hobble horse, sideline a horse and do all that by myself. Especially in packing I had a lot of practise and in the end I was pretty fast.
But there also were other activities I could do for example driving skidder, driving the tractor to unload hay, go on a wildlife viewing tour (not successful but interesting), bow and arrow shooting, driving the snowmobiles...

Gregor and Tim

The big highlight in the ESL time, that’s for sure, was the four day trip to cinnabar.
I heard about the main reason to go, that the movie crew need every bed on the ranch, also mine. So this was a good chance to go out in the mountains.
An awesome possibility for me to see other mountains than the alps and enjoy the wilderness. The ride to the camp was actually just my second riding experience and it was also a nice one. I never forget the moment, as we were on the top of the mountain, see down to the valley and far away a lot of other mountains and Paul saying, “welcome to cinnabar”!

But now, before I end my writing, I want say the most important thing. I really improved my english esl conversation, even if it's not perfect and I’m looking forward to improve it more and more."


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