Thursday, February 14, 2013


Wilderness Adventure Guide Training interns ride in the snow


Day Riding

So its February and the snow is still here, when we think it's over and the sun begins to shine it snows again, the snow makes it easier for us to track the wildlife, we spot fresh tracks everyday in the snow. After taking an earlier horse adventure guide training course, these interns decided to go out in the Canadian snowy weather to look for fresh wildlife tracks, these can include Cougar, Deer, Moose, Wolf or even Lynx and Coyote.

Its also that time of year where we start getting our horse adventure guide training schools booked, our Instructor is getting all the equipment ready that she needs for the 1st guide school so lets get booking guys and look forward to your Wilderness Adventure Guide Training course!


About Unknown

We are a licensed guide outfitter and we conduct guided wilderness adventures throughout our 5,000 square km operating area. This guide area has been operational since 1880, making it the oldest in British Columbia. More about us HERE.

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