Sunday, March 10, 2013


Grizzly Bears in their Natural Environment, spot Canadian wildlife on your dude ranch family vacation!

The Grizzly Bear is the symbol of the wilderness, it has become the key species used to measure the quality of the wilderness.
View this awesome Canadian wildlife in its natural habitat as they progress through the seasons. After the long winter months in deep hibernation, the Grizzlies emerge from their den.

As the snow begins to melt and the fresh shoots of grass appear along the alpine slopes, this is the prime time to view the Grizzlies at lower elevations.
On our 4 day Grizzly Viewing Ranch based adventure, find yourself silently peering down into the lush valley bottom as mother and cub play and feed on the new grass. So why not book a dude ranch family vacation and see them up close? Then, in the height of summer, follow the Grizzlies’ as they track the snow line as it retreats to higher elevations, feeding on the fresh shoots of grass as it grows. Our 7 day camp based grizzly viewing by horse or foot allows you to migrate with the bears as they retreat higher up in the mountains into the sub-alpine.

On this adventure of a lifetime, gain a deeper appreciation of Canadian wildlife and these fascinating animals.
As part of the Grizzly Study, your licensed guide will take you through the life cycles, seasonal habits, feeding patterns, migration and habitats of the Grizzly bear.

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