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Past horse guide with Chilcotin Holidays

Horse Guide wins Cutting competition

I started working for Wesley in January, 2011. My job description is pretty varied...condition horses, vet trips, doctoring, therapy, mare manager, medication administrator, haul to shows, setup, take down, get up at ridiculous hours to ride horses around in the show arenas to desensitize them...most importantly, prepare them for competition. As a trained horse guide I found it easy to adapt.

If Wesley gets on a horse who is too "fresh" (not mentally-or physically- prepared) the horse won't be able to read the cow properly, and things go very wrong. I have to have them at just the right point by the time he has to get on to show.

We had the show of a lifetime this past April....usually it is an enormous deal for a trainer to have one horse make the finals...but of the 7 horses that we took to that show, every single one of them made the open finals. After all was said and done, we had won almost $300,000. Our big winner of the show, Hes A Hot Cat earned $100,000 by capturing the open derby championship.

I started riding "Cajun" (Hes A Hot Cat) in January of 2012, after he had 6 months off due to an injury. Those 6 months are probably the most critical 6 months in a horse's training for cutting, because they learn to be responsible for the cow in front of them. He had a lot of catching up to do, in not a lot of time.

We took him to 2 shows before the superstakes, and he did well, with some "green" mistakes...

As we started preparing him for the superstakes, he got more and more physical. And with each go-round, he got more confident. By the time the finals rolled around, he was feeling at the top of his game.


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