Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Come learn ESL English as a second language on our wilderness ranch!

Testimonial from Norway!

Our ESL English as a second language program allows many young people around the world to experience the wilderness while improving on their English skills. Today we have a testimonial from Marte, a Norwegian student who truly loved her experience here at Chilcotin Holidays guest ranch.

"When I discovered that my job actually gave out scholarships for me to improve my ESL English as a second language, I tried to find a place that was as far away from all the places my colleagues would go to as I could. And guess what I found- right in the middle of nowhere; a perfect experience- I could live on a ranch, learn English in the mornings, and do ranch activities/work in the evenings. Four weeks of wilderness life in Canada for sure sounded more exciting than two weeks in some big city (coming from a wilderness girl trapped in a city girls life)
The ranch truly gave me an experience I will never forget.
Hopefully my English has improved, I have quit smoking, I have been able to try out so many things I never thought I would do - driving a tractor, driving a skidder, using a chainsaw, shooting clay pigeons (and even hitting one), a lot of riding on wonderful mountain horses and on amazing trails, lariat-throwing, and I was even allowed to bake as many cakes as I wanted to every time I was in the need of being domestic ;)
The best thing, however, and the most life-changing experience for me at the ranch, was all the wonderful conversations I had with the people staying here. Conversations that made me really want to change things, and to challenge myself on higher levels than I am doing at the moment. To be more aware of my comfort zones, so that I will more likely will step out of those zones in order to develop myself and to become more content with life. I have decided to give meditation a try, to help me handle my stress levels, and I've become more aware of the use of setting goals and having priorities in life. I leave the ranch with so many great memories, and I wish one day I could come back for the guide school or for the chance to ride up to the top of the mountains, to run into a grizzly bear (on its good day) and to experience even more wilderness..."
Marte, Norway

There are many other people on the ESL English as a second language program with similar stories, feel free to contact Amy, the ESL Coordinator at info@eslwildernessranch.com or call the Chilcotin Holiday ranch at 250-238-2274.


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