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Testimonial about a hiking tour.

Here at Chilcotin Holidays we have many mountain biking, hiking tour trips and horseback trips to offer all year round. These trips offer unforgettable experiences for both beginner, intermediate and advance wilderness explorers. Mark, a twenty-four year old student and traveller has shared his experiences while travelling on one a four day hiking tour.

"As an ecology student, I was excited about the unique opportunity to do some important scientific work in the wilderness... On our 4 day hiking tour, we climbed up a mountain peak near Eldorado to enjoy the breath-taking view of the valley below and found fresh tracks of a herd of mountain goats that had left just a few hours ago.

Mountain Goats are some of the most amazing animals found in the Chilcotin Mountains. They are perfectly adapted to steep, rocky terrain and can go where no predator can follow. The nannies live in large groups together with their young and retreat to the highest mountain tops at any sign of danger.

After a relaxing lunch break I had enough time to collect some perfect samples of the Goats' thick white hair and some scat. From these samples we can learn a lot about the Goat's numbers, health and feeding habits. But personally, I've already learned a lot for my studies, all while on this awesome hiking tour in the amazing wilderness of the South Chilcotin Mountains."

The many hiking tour possibilities offer all sort of chances to see plant and animal wildlife. We can tailor your interests to what you would want to experience and see. We have the possibility to do the Wildflower special deal where our hiking tour guides lead our guest to see the unique and rare flowers of the region.

Because of the unique climate and terrain, the Chilcotin region has many different types of plant life. The white-flowered rhododendron is the most common shrub along with the less common gooseberry, black huckleberry and false azalea. Snow on the high peaks allows an abundant amount moisture making it a fertile zone for Indian hellebores, paintbrush, arrow-leaved groundsel, and Sitka valerian along with many other rare wild herbs and flowers.

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