Saturday, November 8, 2014


Pack Trips Season Review - adventures at our holiday ranch!

We had the pleasure to welcome numerous guests this summer. Our guides had the privilege to take them for 4-13 Day Explorer Horse Pack Trips, Hut-to-Hut hiking, Camp Mountain Biking and many other customized trips through our holiday ranch.
The sunshine delighted everyone at the ranch and we are already excited for next summer!

The last pack trip for the summer was truly spectacular! As the four guest and guides saddled their trusty horses ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, little did they know just how lucky they would be. During their seven day pack trip up to Spruce Lake they were blessed with six and a half days of blue skies, sunshine and stunning vistas of winding rivers, glistening lakes and alpine mountains. On their sure footed mountain horses they climbed up a number of peaks including Open Heart (1750m) and Windy Pass (2200m) as well as trekking out to Hummingbird Lake, a stunning glacial lake where a few very brave swimmers took a very brief dip.

Klaus out catching dinner

Perhaps one of the most successful stories of the trip comes from our fishing enthusiast Klaus. Up at 5:45 every morning with the sun, Klaus headed out onto Spruce Lake with fishing rod in hand, his aim was to catch us all dinner. After the first unsuccessful day of fishing, we had our doubts joking that maybe he would have better luck catching a Moose, but how wrong were we? Klaus successfully caught us the delicious rainbow trout as promised and we cooked it over an open fire. He is still yet to catch a Moose! Come visit our holiday ranch


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