Monday, December 29, 2014


Christmas at a luxury dude ranch..

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Have you ever wondered what Christmas would be like at a luxury dude ranch?

We usually have international students and interns sharing this special day with us at the ranch and so we get to enjoy two fun Christmas days in a row, as our friends from Europe are used to start celebrating on the 24th. Then the following day we have a real Canadian Christmas with presents and a big turkey dinner.

As horses play a major role in our life and most of our time was spent feeding them oats and carrots as special Christmas snacks, giving some of them a good "pedicure" while teaching our new staff how to trim hoofs. We also did some basics training with our horses Marshall and Apache, who grew up in the wilderness, before they came to the ranch last year. They have done wonderfully and are used to being around us by now. It is fun to watch them learn and grow so much every day.


Training Marshall

All the other horses enjoyed their holidays, basking in the sun since we were blessed with two truly splendid days. Many of them sleeping in the soft snow, not feeling the cold at all thanks to their thick furry coats (that gives them the look and feel of a real teddy bear).

Our "baby" Jazz (Ranger) portraying the perfect peaceful picture, while he was sleeping half underneath his mom Cheyenne who kept a watchful eye on the surroundings for him.

With this peaceful picture we want to wrap up the holidays and look forward to all the excitement, to all the challenges and the opportunities to love, learn and grow that the new year will bring at our luxury dude ranch. Seize them and take them with gratitude as each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can.

We wish you a happy New Year!

Your luxury dude ranch team at Chilcotin Holidays


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