Tuesday, December 16, 2014


How staying at the ranch and gaining esl certification can change your perspective on life

One of the many things we do at our ESL Ranch is to encourage our students to speak up and share their own experiences, in written and spoken words.
We really liked our student's essay about her time at the ranch so far, so we want to share with you what Elena has to say:

"I decided to study at the ESL Wilderness Ranch because I wanted to connect studying with learning new practical skills far away from the city-life that I am used to and to learn about horses, and gain esl certification. I have been passionate about horses since my childhood but never had the opportunity to get close to them. My other reason for coming here was to find a calm place to free myself from other people's views and opinions, to find my own way of life. Since I came here, I have learned how important it is to work together with other people.
I learned the essence of teamwork: people wanting to help each other rather than competing over something. If you experience a 'failure' at the ranch, no one will leave you to deal with it alone.

I enjoy being among different characters of people as well as animals and to have the opportunity to learn from all of them. At the moment I am learning a lot about working with horses. I am also learning more about myself. That it is a great feeling to detach your mind from any form of contact with the external world. You start to listen to your own voice. Being far away from the modern and materialistic culture you get the chance to think more about mental values and their virtue. The kind of questions you ask yourself are changing. You start to think more about what you want and not what other people think what is good for you. You start to wonder what a person really needs in his or her life to be happy. Connecting with nature seems to be part of it." Both Elena and Jurij decided to take part in our Immersion Program for two weeks after finishing their ESL classes and receiving their esl certification. We are very happy that they've already changed their minds and will now be staying longer than originally planned. If you are looking for an opportunity to practice your English in a friendly environment, gain esl certification and learn new skills (and vocabulary), we might just be the place for you!

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