Saturday, December 20, 2014


Lunchtime esl English students hike to Lover's Bluff

Christmas is coming closer and so is New Years Eve! Do you already have plans for this special event? The ESL English students and ranch staff are looking forward to a very unique New Year's celebration this year. We will spend 3 days in one of our remote log cabin camps up in the mountains, without power or running water. Instead of the usual hustle and bustle on New Years Eve, we will spend our time hiking, skiing, wildlife viewing (hopefully we will see Bighorn Sheep and wolves!) and enjoying cosy evenings around the fireplace.

Our ESL English student is already best friends with our ranch dog!

To prepare everyone for the hike up to Brett Camp which will take around 4 hours, we went on a hike to Lover's Bluff today in full gear including sleeping bags, clothes and food! The hike was short but very intense. Almost the entire way we were following a steep uphill trail through the snowy forest but in the end our efforts paid off. Lover's Bluff is located just above the ranch and offers grand views over the Bridge River Valley: Frozen ponds and lakes are enclosed by snow-covered mountains and misty forests and the only sound you can hear is the Gun Creek River running deep down in the valley.

One of our staff members enjoying the stunning view over the valley.

This spot definitely invites you to linger! We took our time taking pictures of the magnificent view and having a short lunch before heading back to the ranch, feeling so much lighter than before not only physically but also mentally. Just before reaching home, the snow started to fall in big soft flakes and, who knows, if the snow cover is thick enough we will be able to take our horses (and ESL English students) out for their first winter ride before Christmas! Keep your fingers crossed!


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