Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Weekend Getaway, our working ranch vacation!

In November we were lucky enough to have Valerie and John come to stay with us in one of our private cabins for their working ranch vacation.

Valerie and John at Pearson Lookout

Valerie and John had planned a quiet getaway to spend some quality time together. Surrounded by Mountains and horses it didn't surprise us when they followed their longing to be even more immersed into nature and spontaneously decided to go on guided horseback wilderness adventure. After they have had their riding orientation, they set off on their trusty horses Meg and Billy, heading up the Lick Trail towards the grizzly den. The climb was persistent, their dependable horses taking them higher and higher through the beautiful forest and up above the snow line. After an hour and a half of stunning scenery they reached the old grizzly den and were pleased to find that no resident was in house and they got to explore the den. With flashlight in hand, one by one crawled into the den where everyone got to have a closer look at the claw markings inside. It is an amazing feeling to see and experience how a bear lives while it is hibernating during the winter months.

Their next destination on their working ranch vacation was Pearson's Lookout, one of the most spectacular view points we have in close distance to the ranch. Up there you can see snow covered mountain tops for miles and miles. They together with the clear blue lakes and lush green forests are like an unwritten invitation to go and explore more.

John, who played the role of both model and photographer extremely well, took some fantastic photos of the entire group. It was hard to leave the stunning view behind, but with the fading light and dinner time approaching they saddled up and headed back down to the ranch, where they were welcomed by a hearty home-made meal.

Valerie and her horse Meg

John in the Grizzly Den


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