Thursday, December 4, 2014


Welcome our new ESL students! Do something different - away from countries with English as second language

A few days ago, two new ESL students from Germany, Elena and Jurij, arrived at our ESL Wilderness Ranch. They will stay for 4 weeks studying and practicing English while experiencing the life in the beautiful snowy Chilcotin Mountains. In this short time they have already immersed themselves into our ranch life: Everyday, before their English class, they help with chasing and feeding our 39 Cayuse Mountain horses. Also, the entire staff had the pleasure to try Elena's delicious homemade pirogi (dumplings filled with cheese and potatoes). Their highlight so far occurred during an ice-cold, moonlit night, where they enjoyed the comfortable warmth of our small log-cabin sauna which was built by one of our interns.

Are you also looking for an opportunity to improve your English outside of countries with English as second language? Why not make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience like Elena and Jurij? At the ESL Wilderness Ranch, we offer much more than ordinary English lessons. Countries with English as second language often find that it is easy to slip back into their native language when they return home. Here, where you are surrounded by English 24/7, you are confronted with English speaking challenges everyday! Explore the Canadian wilderness by horse, bike or foot on one of our many trails or learn new skills like operating a chainsaw, driving a skidder, shoeing horses or doing target shooting. If you are interested in extending your stay and get more insights into the ranch life, you may be able to become a ranch intern and work as a ranch hand, in our kitchen or in the office at no extra costs. If you feel more like going “into the wild”, take the chance to go on one of our pack trips during summer and experience the wild beauty of the Chilcotin Mountains!

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