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"What does a human need to find inner peace?" - Elena's Testimonial.. what is esl?

After 6 weeks with the Chilcotin Holidays family, our two ESL students from Germany left the ranch for the next step of their Canadian adventure. Elena wrote a wonderful story about why she came here, which experiences she made and how they changed her life.

My name is Elena, I am 28 and I come from Germany and Kazachstan.

"In the middle of my studying I realized how mentally and physically tired I was learning from books. I studied sociology and history and most of the time I spent reading very abstract theories. I started to try new things like felting, soap making, etc. The next step which followed was to understand how important it is for humans to gain practical skills with using their hands; for my master exam I chose the topic, how the environment influences us.

After I visited villages in Siberia, I saw how happy people are when they work in the yard or with animals, although they don't have material wealth. But the possibility to create with your hands and use your physical abilities made the people, despite poor conditions, happy, creative and feeling useful. At this time I asked myself why so many young people in the cities feel so depressed and try to find themselves through trying different kinds of hobbies or jobs or travelling"

The question was, what does a human need to find inner peace?

The city lifestyle dictates our lives and says you have to be successful, but nobody knows exactly what that means. Supposedly, money is a sign of happiness. All these small steps of new understanding motivated me to try a lifestyle close to nature and the earth, and far from civilization. I wanted to see what I would miss and find when I left city life behind me. So what is esl?
During my stay at the ranch, I understood how much less I needed in my life to be happy.

I welcomed this kind of experience because here, at the ranch, I became free from the influence of the importance of brands, pressure to be cool and successful, and pressure to know so much about the world. When nature dictates your life, you feel again like a human being and not like a machine or robot. The other experience I enjoyed at the ranch was the team work and communication with people of different personalities. In the city, many people usually use just the phone or internet and forget about the power of real communication, but face to face you again can feel, listen with your heart, and see into someone's eyes.

The other point which I learned is that when you have a project or plan, you first have to be sure of what you exactly want. This lesson I learned from my riding training when I tried to lead a horse. I knew I wanted to learn to have more control over it, but I didn't realize that was a very abstract idea in my mind and the practice so different. I was not sure if I acted right and how far I could go in my actions and what behavior I could observe in the horse. I didn't realize that I could learn so much from animals. I recognized that they are like a mirror for our behavior. I want to keep travelling in nature and farms and learn more about the principles of nature and animals in order to receive feedback from them."


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