Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hiking in the mountains for New Years

It has always been a one of my dreams to spend New Year's Eve in a small cabin hiking in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, with good friends around me and lots of snow to have fun with. And guess what, my dream came true this year!

One day before New Year's Eve, we gathered early in the morning to set out to Brett Camp, one of our camps in the Shulaps mountains. We hit the road just before sunset and were lucky enough to see a real wolf, a herd of Bighorn Sheep and a Bald Eagle on our drive to the beginning of the trail that would see us hiking in the mountains.

Wrapped in multiple layers of warm clothes (the thermometer indicated -17 degrees when we left the ranch), we put on our snowshoes and skies and started our 4-hour hike through the knee-deep snow and an amazing winter landscape. The hike was quite exhausting but our motivation kept us going and finally we reached the cabin - happy and hungry!

After having lunch and a revitalizing cup of hot tea, we went on a short expedition around the cabin. We climbed the top of one of the smaller hills next to the cabin where we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. We returned to the camp where we had a hearty dinner before falling fast asleep in our sleeping bags.

The next day, we headed out for some more hiking in the mountains. Blue skies, the warm sun on our backs and fresh powder snow made it an amazing experience! We returned to the cabin just as the sun vanished behind the mountain ridge and we started a big campfire for our New Year's celebration. Though the night was starry and cold, we had a great time sitting around the fire, roasting marshmallows, telling stories, discussing our plans for the new year and simply enjoying the company of so many diverse people from all over the world who became good friends. This was for sure one of the most memorable New Year's Eve celebrations I have experienced so far! - Alina

The Wilderness Trekking Canada Team wishes you a happy New Year with lots of joy, many new experiences, an adventure everyday and good friends to accompany you along the way.


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