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Home in the mountains - Learn to be a guide

Hi! I’m Leandra from Switzerland. In 2012 I came to the ranch to take the ESL school. I took the course for one month and I was amazed by the beauty of the nature surrounding me. The wild and wide views, the wildlife, the mountains and the horses – just incredible. I saw a lynx, a bobcat, a grizzly mum with two cubs and a few black bears. 

Getting the horse ready
I completed the guide school in late fall 2012 and that was another great experience for me. I had always wanted to learn to be a guide, and having the opportunity right in front of me was thrilling. During the course I first learned to saddle a horse western style! I like the concept of neck-reined horses and longer saddles for the comfort of the horse. Then you also learn how to handle horses in the wilderness, how to pack them, how to stake them and what you need to bring on a horseback trip into the wild. After this truly fulfilling adventure, I decided to come back to experience more nature and learn about myself. To learn to be a guide lets you explore the beautiful nature that surrounds the ranch.

Leandra and her first Guide School students

In July 2013 I was assigned for the guide program and so I became a teacher. I had three good students who all wanted to learn to be a guide and apart from teaching I learned a lot about myself during this guide program. I realized that I know a lot and I’m able to show and teach this knowledge to others. There is always a lot to learn! To be a guide you are responsible for a lot, but after the training, you are much more confident.

I had a lot of personal breakthroughs in the beginning. But once they were overcome, everything went smoothly and I soon found myself out in the bush with my first guests. The family was very nice and we had a great week with our 13 horses and enjoyed incredible mountain views. That season I was mostly guiding families with kids about 12 years of age through the bush and to my surprise they described me as a very responsible and confident person. They had the adventure of their lifetime, and so did I!
Leandra and her Cayuse horse Castle

During my trips, Castle the horse I rode, became my best friend and my GPS for every situation. But we also had lots of challenges along the way: searching for horses, deciding where to stake them, running up and down the mountains to find the best grassy spots for them or watering the horses and of course meeting wildlife like bears, deer and marmots.

The feeling to be on the top of the mountains is not easy to describe for me. But this is the place where I feel my home is = on the back of a horse in the mountains. I am so glad I made the decision to learn to be a guide.

So ever since I came back in 2013 if you are looking for me, you can find me in the mountains. See you there!

Leading guests on a Level 3 Pack Trip


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