Friday, February 6, 2015


Mountain Challenge and snowmobile adventure!

Being a guide at Chilcotin Holidays you'll be faced with many challenges! One of them could be riding the mountain tops on a snowmobile adventure!
Our former guide Alison was surely facing one of her biggest challenges to date, riding a snowmobile up to 6,000ft in elevation. Alison was raised in the heart of England where you might see snow for 2 weeks in a year, usually only reaching up to an insignificant layer of 3cm. With that little snow snowmobiling had never been an option for her, until she came here! She worked as an Intern for Chilcotin Holidays in beautiful  British Columbia for almost 9 months. After an exciting summer season she decided to stay to see and experience what winter is like here, where you get 3 feet of snow for at least 3 months of the year; and to take in all the fun winter activities she couldn't pursue at home.
We have the perfect conditions to learn to ride a snowmobile. And as one gets better it is possible to get up higher, where the snow gets even deeper and more challenging. Read about her snowmobile adventure here! 
“Now with the snow melting at the ranch our 1st challenge was getting our Snowmobile's through the dirt tracks to the snow, we finally made it to the road that was going to take us up into the mountains, my second challenge was that I kept getting stuck I didn't have any confidence in myself to give full throttle so I was constantly getting stuck, every moment the bar was raised higher as we were riding further up into the mountains, I was then faced with ridges and just when I wanted to give up I realised I wouldnt be able to do something like this at home and kept thinking of the people back home that have never been given this opportunity and experience.

So I pushed myself forward we finally reached 6,000ft and all you could see was the tops of the mountains and Gun Lake in the background, it was incredible and it was a nice sunny day, I will never forget this amazing opportunity and will definitely be looking forward to my next snowmobile adventure out in the mountains maybe with a lot more confidence." - Alison


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