Sunday, March 22, 2015


Developing outside the esl curriculum

"Nothing is better than learning English while living on a real Wilderness Ranch."

 Our ESL student Lina from Germany finished her 4 week classes at the ranch. All her unique experiences, valuable adventures and exciting plans for the next months are summed up in the following text! After successfully accomplishing my four week Esl curriculum Program last week, it's time to write about all my exciting, unique and challenging experiences. Presumably, the most difficult part for me seemed to be the first week at the ranch. Even though everyone gave me a friendly welcome and I felt like a part of the big family since the first moment, this environment was still foreign to me. I made it my goal to experience as much as possible and to be part of every aspect of ranch life whether it be driving the tractor, feeding the horses or preparing dinner. Fortunately, I integrated incredibly quickly. I am definite that my lessons in the mornings were a reason for this smooth integration too. My kind and motivating teacher Kate was a help for me whenever needed. She passed on a lot of knowledge about the ranch and its surroundings and certainly supported me to become a part of this wonderful environment. We worked together three hours a day to improve my English vocabulary, writing and speaking skills with the esl curriculum. The language seemed to become a bigger part of me every day and finally, I lost my fear of speaking English!
In the afternoons I got the chance to get involved in a endless number of ranch activities such as horse-riding, snowmobile driving, snowshoeing, archery or bareback-riding, just to name a few. Beside that, luckily, I got the opportunity to take my PAL. Retrospectively, I created so many memories within the last four weeks. It is almost impossible to sum them up because so much happens every day which makes it hard to remember the adventures that occurred three days ago...!

Time for adventure: our students learn about survival and bushcraft in the wilderness.

In addition, living at the ranch is a very valuable chance for me to develop myself. By taking a lot of responsibility and investing in myself I can already feel a change in my personal character and behaviour. Learning new things and finding solutions for arising difficulties makes me grow as a person every day.
In conclusion, I can say that the time I have spent here until now has already exceeded my expectations. I am happy that I have the chance to spend another four months at the ranch (Comprehensive Immersion Program) and I am certain that a lot more unique experiences will come up in the next stage of my adventure!


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