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Chilcotin Holidays - Hiking trails in Canada

Chilcotin Holidays

Even we had snow the couple last nights we still can feel the spring arriving as the sun is shining nearly everyday and we are busy to set up our Ranch and prepare everything for the coming season (fixing the roof, set up the tents, clearing the trails, fixing saddles, renovating the house,...) . The first Guide School will start in 3 days and next to the students also some guests will arrive. I am sure they will have a great time here and enjoy their wilderness adventure.
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And to get an idea what a hiking trails in Canada trip would look like I have here a general itinerary for a Ranch based and a Camp based adventure.

We do not have an itinerary set in stone for our hike trips. They vary according to:a) the actual level of the trip (i.e. I, II, III)b) the season (i.e. May vs September),c) the specific interests of the guests )

4 Day Ranch Based Hike

Guests are picked up in Vancouver by our Chilcotin Express on the morning of the first day, arriving at the Ranch at noon. After a healthy home made lunch, enjoy an afternoon walk exploring the surrounding Ranch trails. Over the next three days, take advantage of the flexibility of a Ranch based trip. A number of options are available on a day-to-day basis. Choose a half-day hike in the morning, or afternoon, with the rest of the time spent leisurely at

the Ranch or taking advantage of our many other activity options, such as fly-fishing, Grizzly viewing, gold panning and hands on horse-logging demonstrations. For those that want the full hiking trails in Canada experience during their adventure, choose two half-day hikes, full day hikes or a combination of

both. After a hearty Ranch breakfast, head off on a morning hike, walking the alpine meadows, along the river's edge or to the Bluffs overlooking the Ranch. Following the morning hike, return to the Ranch for another freshly prepared lunch. After taking your fill, explore another trail in the

afternoon, before returning to the Ranch in the evening for a Western fare dinner. A full day trip will take hikers further from the Ranch, higher into the mountains and deeper into the backcountry. On a full day hike, enjoy an open-air lunch, packed and prepared by our Kitchen. At the end of a day's satisfying hike, return to the Ranch in the evening greeted by the wafting aromas of your awaiting dinner. Evenings can be spent in the library, enjoying a campfire or take part in one of the activity options. The last day of the trip includes a refreshing morning hike. After a generous lunch, guests are picked up by the Chilcotin Express, arriving in Vancouver in the early evening.

 Hut Based Hikes

Guests are picked up in Vancouver by our Chilcotin Express on the morning of their first day, arriving at the Ranch at noon. After a healthy home made lunch, our guides will give a thorough orientation before assisting guests to repack personal gear into duffel bags, which are provided by Chilcotin Holidays. We will then pack the horses with personal gear and equipment - guests are welcomed to get involved! By late afternoon, we head into the sub alpine to your mountain hut. We arrive at camp in the early evening in time for a fireside dinner prepared by the guides.

Each day from camp, enjoy an endless number of different trails radiating from the hut, taking you to alpine meadows, lofty mountain ridges, mountain divides and pristine lakes - stopping for an alfresco lunch, photo opportunities and just to take in the stunning views. After a full day's hike, guests may wish to get involved in taking horses out to the meadows at night to stake and hobble - taking home wrangler skills including throwing a Diamond Hitch! Evenings can be sent fireside, or perhaps take in some fishing, swimming or canoeing depending on the camp. On the last day of the hike trip, we head out early and hike back to the Ranch. Arriving at noon, enjoy a sumptuous lunch before being picked up by the Chilcotin Express.

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