Thursday, April 16, 2015


Easter esl listening recap!

During my stay, I learned a lot of things like: cutting wood, making kindling, making a fire, western horse riding, and taking care of the horses. It's a perfect place to improve myself and get more independent. It's such a beautiful place to have my English lessons and improve my esl listening.

I really like to meet new nice people that I can speak with, and learn new vocabulary from. Here you can learn new skills and be more adaptable with different environments and situations. For the next few weeks I would like to improve my bareback riding, archery, and horse training skills.

We had a really lovely Easter weekend and enjoyed the time together.

Traditionally, we painted hard-shelled Easter eggs on Saturday with natural colours ( different vegetable and spices). While Dona prepared the BBQ, the boys were building a huge bonfire.
In the evening we had delicious home-made burgers with salads and for dessert we savored soft marshmallows. The fire kept us warm and so we enjoyed a long evening with guitar music, a lot of laughing, long conversations full of esl listening possibilities, and a bright full moon,
Early on Sunday morning, Alin and Kristen hid chocolate eggs around the ranch. After having breakfast, with special Austrian Easter bread, we went on a treasure hunt. It was a lot of fun. After we found hopefully all of the chocolate eggs, we shared everything ESL student Maud


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