Tuesday, April 28, 2015


First horse trail guide school of the year

Horse trail Guide School 2015

Yesterday on the 27th of April, the first horse trail Guide School for this year started. After the Students arrived they had lunch and started right away with the riding orientation.

They learned how to saddle a horse, how to put a bridle on and how to hop on and off a horse correctly, which forms the foundation of knowledge that a horse trail guide needs. Everybody got a horse that matches their ability and also a saddle that fits.

After this introduction they went to the Gymkhana to practice their western riding skills and then they headed out for the first horse trail guide ride down to the river, everybody enjoyed it. After they came back they fed the horses, unsaddled them and brought them back into the corral, then they all went for their well deserved dinner.

Horse trail guide school starts early, so the next morning they had to get up to chase the horses down into the coral and feed them. After a delicious breakfast they got a trimming orientation and everyone had to trim the two front hoofs of their own horse. You could see that it was a hard job for them but everybody succeeded.

Now in the afternoon they got a packing orientation and they are training their new skills right away on a wooden horse, and are well on their way to being excellent horse trail guide people.

We will keep you posted.

In horse trail guide school you learn how to pack a horse properly on a wooden saddle.

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