Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hiking with my fellow esl students

Sunday 26th 2015 was a interesting day. With the other esl students Maud, Kate and Hanna, we went for a hike. Before that, we helped Kristin with the horses. Unfortunately I strained my left thigh which made the hike a little difficult. We went for a three hour hike anyway and we took the dogs Boo and Malu. During the hike, we took a lot of up-hill, it was “ok” for my thigh, but for the down-hill, I twisted my ankles and I had force on my knees.

I was a broken guy. I’m an old man… I tell you. ;)

But besides that, I liked this hike, it was good for my physical condition, my heart and particularly my head (maybe my brain too). I was really relaxed when I saw this beautiful landscape, with the wind brushing my face.

When we came back to the ranch, we took a break. After lunch myself and the other esl students Maud, Hanna, Kristin, David, Diana, Charlotte and me, we planted new trees in the forest near the ranch. It was very interesting and easy. So, it took us four hours to planting the trees, it was 6:30 pm when we returned at the ranch . And when I arrived, I said: “Good Morning everybody!”
Mathieu, 29, from France


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