Friday, April 24, 2015


Our trip into the wilderness, great for esl practice!

With Matti, Marie, Maud, Pauline, Kate and Boo (a nice girl... A beautiful dog ), we went for a camping trip in the wilderness; it was the first time for Maud and I.

It was in the afternoon of April 17th of this year on 2015. We took a big car for this "adventure", destination - Pearson Pond. When we arrived at Pearson Pond, we found a place for the night. Once we did that, we went in search of firewood for so we could warm up and cook. We also learned how to make a fire with ONLY one match, at the same time getting in some esl practice! Later, around the fire, we about learned more about each other and we talked our plan for the future (travels and jobs). And, of course, we also cooked and ate the delicious sausages.

After, we went to sleep. During the night I woke up, because the temperature was very cold! We even had some frost on our sleeping bags. Although that, and my frozen nose, I could contemplate a amazing sky full of stars.
The following morning, after a good breakfast, we went for a walk.

During our hike we saw a nice landscapes with mountains, rivers, canyons, etc... Further along the train, we saw a beautiful bald eagles nest in an old tree. It was time that any of us had seen this in the wilderness.
After the walk we took the long way back to to the ranch. Before we returned, we rested at Tyax Camp where we took a break, a nap and played a game of cards, more esl practice!
It was a good week end!


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