Wednesday, May 6, 2015


A clean trail for the next guiding in wilderness!

April 28th 2015, it was 4:30 am, when Lea, Dale - Staff members - and Phillipa - our guest - left for their horse based pack trip guiding in wilderness. As this was the first trip of the season, it allowed them to prepare the trail for the future guests and students. During this ride, they determined if the trail is passable or not for future guiding in wilderness. Where it wasn't passable, they cleared the trail, cutting trees and removing branches that were in the way. They also burned all the Burdock, an invasive plant, so the horses don't travel with it and spread it more . The plants gets stuck in the horses mane and also in peoples clothes. While on the trail they analyzed the snow conditions and thought it was going to be nice condition for the next ride into the wilderness. During this adventure they saw one goat and the beautiful Leckie falls.

They came back to the ranch at lunchtime 30th on the April


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