Sunday, May 17, 2015


Bear encounter on one of our day hikes

On Friday morning Marie and I went for one of the day hikes to Pearson's lookout as it was such a nice morning. However just before we started climbing up to the lookout, we had an encounter with a black bear cub. At first, it was frightening and our heart was racing as we were not sure where his mother was, but the cub ran away and after being sure that no bear was around, we continued towards the lookout. It was such a magical view and as it was not very cloudy we were able to see the mountains tops which were surrounding us and we had an amazing view of the lakes.

I have always wanted to see a bear but I did not know that it would happen on one of the first day hikes I went on! It was pretty amazing and we felt very lucky. Unfortunately, we did not have time to take a picture but I am sure that I will see some more bears during my stay at Chilcotin Holidays!


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