Sunday, May 3, 2015


E.S.L adventures with wildlife

Our e.s.l. teacher Kate, and fellow e.s.l student Diana and I left the ranch on the 27th of April to help Garry and Peggy, owners of Ecotours-BC, get ready for the start of their season. They offer a professionnal guide service providing a quality wilderness outdoor experience, their speciality is grizzly bear watching.
The lodge is located in the old gold rush village in Likely about 6 hours from the ranch, so the drive was going to take us most of the day. Around about 1 hour into the drive we heard a strange sound which came from the car and we noticed the vehicle started to drift so we stopped. The back wheel on the left had blowing up, there were two holes in the tyre and it was very warm and an unpleasant smell was being emitted. Fortunately we had Bruce, a friend of Kate, driving in front of us. He noticed that we were no longer behind him, he turned around and came to our rescue, helping us to change the wheel. We took a break in Hundred mile, we found a garage to change the spare wheel and I enjoyed a delicious french vanilla coffee at Tim Horton before hitting the road again.

It was pretty difficult to understand the last part of Kevan's challenging map and as a result we passed the house without paying attention but ten minutes later we got back on track and finally found Pyna-tee-ah Lodge.
The following day we woke up to have an amazing breakfast at 7:00: huge pancakes, sausages and fried eggs. Peggy is an excellent cook and likes to take care of people. During the day our e.s.l teacher Kate was working on their website, Diana and I cleaned bathrooms, fridges and washed all the windows of the lodge. While I was cleaning the windows a heavy rain fell and the sky became darker and darker. We heard many thunder claps, I was delighted to hear this sound and the atmosphere it created.
In the evening we went for a wildlife expedition with Garry and Peggy. They have over 30 years of knowledge and many unique wildlife and adventure stories to share. We had surprising encounters on the side of the road : black bears, grizzly bear and moose. I've never seen a bear or moose in its natural habitat. I was impressed by the large head of the grizzly and his magnificence, in his presence I felt calm and he inspired a deep sense of respect for him. In this moment, time stood still.

On Friday morning we left the lodge just after breakfast to return to the ranch where I shared the experiences I had with the new amazing people that I met.


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