Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Esl learning on the ranch

I learned a lot today. Mainly our esl learning was about bears and pronunciation. What was really interesting is that I realized that I'm almost always asking questions. This is the thing I learned today about myself. Also, I've got some new words of the day, like "humming bird." It's a small bird, not to say, an extremely small bird. When it flies by, you may think it is a big bee or a bumble bee. "Enemy or foe," I guess I should not ask a bear, especially a grizzly bear. Neither is a "pickaxe" a good weapon in case of a bear attack. However, bear spray may help in the case an encounter with a bear, but only at a distance of 25 feet max. I got up quite early in the morning so I went to watch the horses in the paddock. They also seemed to be a little sleepy, like me. Only the two younger horses were playing around, training their skills for their later life. So always stand your ground! :)
~ Miriam

Today we started our first English lesson. After breakfast, we met in the classroom at 9am. We learned about pronunciation of similar words right before we talked about intonation for questions and answers. This would have been a big topic today: Ask questions and answer them in a confident way! I tried to practice my new esl learning skills the rest of the day, because I had to think about what I may ask. The second big topic of the day was about "bears." We have learned a lot about their behaviour and the best reaction we have to choose in case we meet a bear. We learned it by reading a text, watching a film, and talking a lot about possible situations. After, we helped build up an outside area for about 50 chickens. We tried to use bear spray. The whole day was a lot of fun, but also very exhausting. But the best thing was not sitting around and doing nothing. I don't like having nothing to do!
~ Sandra


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