Sunday, May 17, 2015


Come join our guide school training programs on our horse riding ranch!

Last time we mentioned our Wilderness Guide Training Program. Our students returned from the bush a week ago and we want to share some of their experiences.

Our 8 guide school students before they head out to Leckie Camp.

Our horses got to eat and sleep surrounded by this wonderful view every day during our stay at Leckie Camp.

One morning we woke up to a cold surprise! Lucky enough, it didn't last long! It was a good lesson for us going-to-be guides - if you go into the mountains, you should always come prepared for every weather and situation! On our second day we rode to our Spruce Lake Camp to see how far spring has reached into the Mountains. Even though there was still ice on the Lake, the snow was melting on the trails already and the meadows were already snow free! This means we can start Pack Trips to this wonderful location - the jewel of the South Chilcotin Mountain Park - soon!

Part of the guide school training on our horse riding ranch was to show us the surrounding trails, so that the students who planned to stay on to be a guide at the ranch could take guests there. We learned how to find our way in this territory and were able to watch how trail cutting is done while clearing an older overgrown trail that leads deeper into the Leckie Valley.

Trail Riding

The water was freezing but the view was worth it!

Want to visit or train in our guide school at our horse riding ranch? Then email us today!


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