Friday, May 8, 2015


Not just esl teaching

Here's an excerpt from Day 5 of Sandra's experience as an ESL student

Today I slept in. I woke up just 10 minutes before breakfast. Because of this delay, I decided to take a shower right after breakfast. There are a few people and horses up in the mountains doing the Guide School and they will be back on Saturday. So right after that, we had our esl teaching and covered some grammar stuff and read about rodeos. It was interesting to learn how many different types of events a rodeo can have. Our esl teaching also talked about culture and what it means in different countries. Makiko told us that people in the town she lives in eat dolphins. It tastes like rubber, but they eat it, because it's their culture. I think it's quite similar to our tradition of “Sch├╝tzenfest”: where we drink a lot of beer and we know we will feel very bad afterwards but we still do it every four years!

After lunch we went for a hike. We walked about one and a half hours up the hill and got a fantastic view. On the way back to the ranch we saw a tree-frog jumping near the trail. These frogs are really small. The hiking trail was particularly steep, so I realized that I was out of shape. No surprise if you didn't do any sports during the winter!
After digging a hole for the chicken's fence, I took a shower. I expected to take it in the morning and then I relaxed a little. I sat on the sofa talking with Makiko about travelling through Japan and Germany, with the globe between us, we realized our esl teaching had encouraged us to talk about it. That was really funny and a good practice for both of us. After dinner we fed the horses again and I had the chance to drive the tractor for the first time.
~ Sandra


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