Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Spring ranch vacation! Bernice and Angela

Last week we welcomed two truly unique and independent ladies to the ranch.

Our guest Bernice who came here for her ranch vacation only to ride, ride and ride, surprised us by coming earlier than expected and liked it so much that she stayed longer than she had planned. It was a pleasant surprise though and we enjoyed discussing many interesting subjects at dinner. During her stay we ventured on longer day rides to Carpenter Lake, the Beaver Pond and the Grizzly Den where we took the time to enjoy the scenery and explore the den.

Our other guest Angela came all the way from Australia to spend (the Australian winter months) in Canada. Together with her we explored the ranch surrounding steep trails that lead to different lookouts that show various prospects of Carpenter Lake and the beautiful Mountain Ranges around us. It was a great opportunity to watch nature awakening all around us. By now most of the trees are clothed in fresh green leaves and many of them started to portray their colorful blossoms for us to enjoy. But it is not only the deciduous trees that have awakened, our coniferous trees are also blooming and we regularly see mule deer and occasionally even black bears around the ranch and on the roads – so be careful!

We are also happy to finally welcome back humming birds, whiskey jacks and cowbirds at the ranch. They usually all migrate to warmer regions in fall and return in spring.

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